The What. The How. The Wow.

The What

Sustainability is a term that is largely misunderstood. It can mean something different to everyone and it can often create panic for businesses who feel they must invest in a sustainability manager, or consider changing suppliers.

But sometimes, a simple review of company practice and operations will help owners to establish what can be improved on. There are many small things that can be put in place immediately, where other changes in practice will take more time. The key is to get moving.

Our Positive Future will help you to get started.

By working with business owners to build a simple sustainable strategy and connecting them with the right partners and tools, we can help them leverage the best place in this market and take advantage of new opportunities.

Our Positive Future What We Do

The How

Our approach always starts with a simple conversation. We need to understand the challenges so that we can help you to explore solutions and opportunities.

After a quick review of main practices and operations within an organisation, we will advise on where we believe a company could improve its sustainability agenda.

We can identify gaps that can be easily closed, or ones that will require a little more attention. We can suggest new partners, or alternative suppliers that may be more appropriate going forward, or we can advise on better ways to work with the ones already in place.

We work with businesses on their tender applications to highlight sustainability actions and initiatives. This will help secure better and more appropriate opportunities to future-proof any existing and future business.

Our Positive Future works with businesses, corporate brands and initiatives that are committed to their own sustainability agendas, so we can connect you with businesses of a similar focus.

We provide an opportunity for our network of businesses to work, help, support and trade with each other.

Our Positive Future What We Do

The Wow

From challenge to opportunity.

We want to show businesses that sustainability is not about the challenges they must address, but about the opportunities that exist if they look at things a little differently.

From our experience working in the media industry, we understand how difficult it is for new companies and initiatives to position themselves and to stand out in today’s evolving consumer market. The correct communication is key.

We want to help businesses to get themselves heard, create opportunities and deliver with credibility. We want to show business owners and managers how to navigate their way to secure the best audience, suppliers, customers and partners and help them find each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

I like the sound of this, how does it work?

Where do I start?

The first place to start is to get in touch for an informal chat. We are always happy to talk to people about their business, the challenges they face, or why they are nervous about this journey (most people are). Trust us, this is how most conversations start out! Whether you choose to email us, or give us a call, we are happy to hear from you and if we think we can help, we will take it from there!

Do you work with start-ups?

We love Start-ups! This is where we all started out and we know only too well how scary it can be when you are trying to navigate an area that you may not fully understand. Start-up companies have so much energy and passion and we love to see that being directed to the right place. Most of the businesses we work with are less than 5 years old!

Can I jut get some advice?

Of Course! We are all on a learning curve in this industry and everyone can benefit from just talking through some basic questions with someone. Sustainability is one area that everyone feels a common connection. We have found out ourselves, that anyone we speak to in this area, just want to help and support others in this space too. So yes, feel free to contact us for advice. We will help any way that we can!

What information do you need from me?

To start out, we just want to know a little about you, your business, what you are looking to achieve, or why you felt like reaching out to us. So, give us as much information as you feel is appropriate and we will see if, and how we can help!

Can I start with some small things first?

Ah, we are glad you asked! Yes, is the short answer. Everyone needs to start with that first step, however small. We love the simple motto ‘Do One Thing’. We believe that if everyone did one thing to reduce waste or to embrace a more sustainable strategy, that is one thing more than zero! However, we also know that once you have successfully engaged in that one thing, you will be inevitably encouraged to do more. Small changes are where you start, until you feel ready to tackle the bigger things.

how do I get in touch

Please use any of the email addresses and phone numbers in our Contact Us Page –  Call, text or WhatsApp us. You will also find us on LinkedIn and Instagram. We are looking forward to hearing from you!